Organising a steady stream of marketing activity to drive sales can be difficult when you also need to do your day job.

With just a little focused effort and time a good marketing plan helps to:

  • Generate a steady stream of leads
  • Reach a predictable revenue stream
  • Get clients marketing on behalf of your business
  • Replicate proven processes to grow your business
    • New markets and territories
    • Products/ services
    • Build your team

Getting Started

From strategy to execution, I help busy entrepreneurs and consultants with easy-to-implement marketing activities that deliver results in 3 key areas:

#1 – Leads

  • Define your target market and the key pains you solve for them
  • Create a compelling offer to capture leads
  • Systematically educate and motivate them to buy 

#2 – Clients

  • Make it really easy for clients to buy from you
  • Deliver results and capture their feedback
  • Serve beyond the initial sale to stay top of mind

#3 – Referrals

  • Nurture to maximise client lifetime value
  • Generate referrals through testimonials and word-of-mouth marketing

It doesn’t need to be complicated or take up days at a time. I work with you to find the low hanging fruit and get your marketing working effectively right away.

Cassie has the gift of strategic thinking and working with her has been a huge help to my business. She’s been able to point out revenue opportunities I hadn’t seen, and her attention to detail and professional polish has taken the quality of my content up several levels. And to top it all off, she’s easy to work with!  She’s very positive, clear, direct communication and an overall lovely person.  I’ve been recommending her to others in my network, and they too have reported great results. Highly recommend!

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