When you are building a product or scaling a business it can be really difficult to find the time to market yourself.

A strong personal brand however, is a key component of:

  • Winning new business
  • Attracting the best talent for your team
  • Securing investment for your business
  • Becoming the ‘go to’ in your industry for media and events

Getting Started

I work to position you as a thought leader, building credibility and increasing reach in your industry to support you and your company’s growth. I use a 3 stage approach designed to kick-start your personal branding efforts, with the option for ongoing monthly support.

Stage 1 – Discovery and goal setting

We’ll explore your personal brand, areas of expertise and the goals for both your personal and company’s growth. I’ll develop a 3 month personal branding plan to achieve these goals, combining content development and distribution.

Stage 2 – Content development and distribution over 3 months

We use the most efficient and effective ways to create content that conveys your message in a way that best suits your style. This could be blogs, videos or whitepapers. I’ll ensure you have an updated biography that packs a punch and is consistent across all channels, like your professional networks and websites.

Then we start pushing out your content through agreed channels. I’ll work on your behalf with media and event speaking opportunities, always keeping you in the loop.

Stage 3 – Review with the option for ongoing support

I review the results of the 3 month plan against the objectives and provide a set of recommendations to continue your personal branding development. I want to get you to a position where you have the tools and confidence to take this forward yourself, and I’ll be on hand to continue supporting as you need.

She’s organised, pro-active and very diligent. She sees things through right to the end and ships stuff out of the door. 

Chris Martin, GFI Software