Experience and endorsements from 10+ years working with entrepreneurs and tech startups.

Cassie worked with me at SeedTribe to run our Marketing and Communications strategy. She was invaluable to me and the company as a whole. She is proactive, positive, creative and pragmatic. No problem was insurmountable; she used her extensive skills and knowledge to come up with creative solutions to the various challenges we had, with a really personalised approach each time. She has impressive experience and knows how to apply it in an intelligent way, as she applies critical thinking to new challenges that arise. 

She was my lifeline in the business and we wouldn’t have got to where we did without her. Thanks to Cassie we became an award-winning business and our name is firmly on the map, for the world of impact investment. This is not the last time I’ll be working with her!

Olivia Sibony, SeedTribe

Working with Cassie made a vast difference to my business. She developed a clear plan, which she executed flawlessly. She made it easy for me to follow through so that we were really effective. My email and social campaigns were well integrated and produced results with open rates that converted to lasting client relationships.

Joyce Griggs, JG+Co

Cassie has the gift of strategic thinking and working with her has been a huge help to my business. She’s been able to point out revenue opportunities I hadn’t seen, and her attention to detail and professional polish has taken the quality of my content up several levels. And to top it all off, she’s easy to work with!  She’s very positive, clear, direct communication and an overall lovely person.  I’ve been recommending her to others in my network, and they too have reported great results. Highly recommend!

Lynn Roulo, Lynn enneagram and kundalini yoga

Cassie is a focused and driven marketing professional who, from a sales perspective, was a delight to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to anyone who wants to improve their marketing performance.

Magnus Bray, The ID Co.

She’s organised, pro-active and very diligent. She sees things through right to the end and ships stuff out of the door. 

Chris Martin, GFI Software