2022 is going to be a big, bright, and bold year for me. I will work with impact-led companies that are helping to make a positive change in the world. Alongside this quest, I am upskilling with a digital marketing qualification in order to do my best work ever. 

With my purpose-driven mission for work stronger and clearer than it’s ever been, it only seems fitting that I also make some changes to my personal life in service of our planet.

Here are my 3 Green Resolutions for 2022

1. Less cheese, more plants 🌱

I’ve been a happy and healthy vegetarian for almost 30 years, but over the last couple of years, I have become more mindful of the amount of dairy I consume, both for health reasons and the environmental impact.

I cut milk from my coffee three years ago, but living in Greece, I find it hard to resist the yoghurt so thick you can almost chew it, and the fantastic selection of cheeses – feta, manouri, graviera, the list goes on. 

This year, I will cut back on dairy further, so it becomes a special occasion treat … just like Prosecco or potato chips.

2. Fewer planes, more trains 🚊

While this will be no surprise, I haven’t flown much in the last few years. Before that, however, I was a frequent flyer. An adventurer at heart, I enjoy every aspect of flying, from the buzzing airport atmosphere to the bland aeroplane food. Even on the long haul flight to visit my family in Australia. Now I am better informed, I can’t deny that this is the most significant contributor to my carbon footprint. 

So I am committed to reducing future flying. I use buses, trains, and boats for domestic travel, and I’m exploring rail to travel between Greece and the UK. 

For “love miles” (flights to visit my family), I will also invest the price of my ticket into an environmentally sustainable investment fund. Climate scientist Dr Kimberly Nicholas talks about this as a more effective alternative to paying into carbon offsetting schemes in her book “Under the sky we make.”

3. Greener finances 💸

In this same book, which I highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn more about climate change science and the best actions to reduce our carbon footprint, I also learned about the practical ways to make my finances greener.

This year I will be reviewing my various bank accounts, pension pots and investments to see how green they really are and then moving those that don’t measure up to sustainably focused providers. Given my fintech background and love of discovering apps that make managing my money easier (shout out to my favourites Transferwise and Nutmeg), this won’t be as dull sounds.

For anyone interested in my resolutions, or even just wanting to hold me to account, I’ll be posting updates throughout the year on my progress in striving to make these green resolutions stick.

Happy New Year!

Check out ‘Under the Sky We Make’ by Dr Kimberly Nicholas here.