The challenge

The crowdfunding platform, specifically for impact businesses, had been live for a few months when I got involved. As founders prepared to launch their crowdfunding campaign on the platform it became apparent they needed marketing and PR advice and support to give them the best chance of success in raising investment for their businesses in the 60 day campaign period.

The solution

After meeting with a number of founders preparing to launch on the platform, I got a good understanding of the challenges they were facing. Not only were they trying to build a business, but they now had to focus on marketing and PR to attract investors, often with no marketing or PR staff or experience.

I researched successful case studies for crowdfunding campaigns, then worked with the CEO of the crowdfunding platform to develop a guide for founders that contained strategy and planning considerations, tactics and tips to help them hit their target in 60 days.

The guide was given to all founders launching on the platform and I provided additional individualised support, such as brainstorming company stories, drafting press release announcements and email marketing messages.


  • A number of founders met their crowdfunding targets during my time working on the platform. 
  • The guide reduced the number of hours the CEO needed to spend on calls with founders to get them live on the platform.
  • The guide provided a framework to manage individualised marketing and PR support.